About D.ESCAL8™

changing training & INTEGRATING PBS throughout

Offering Training & Consultancy for any aspects of human interaction around distress or areas commonly known as challenging behaviour

D.ESCAL8™ was set up to develop and promote the concept of de-escalation alongside Positive Behaviour Support - all of our courses and workshops reflect this.

Our courses and workshops are constantly under review and evolve to incorporate the latest best practice, research and legislation.

D.ESCAL8™ work in all of these areas of education and health & social care with adults, young people and children.

We are proud to support:

Family Support Project on familysupportproject.com

Social Emotional Skills 4 Life on ses4.life

Behaviour Desc on bxd.sc

We are also pleased to offer -
Our Family Support Project
1 & 2 day Bespoke Courses
Individualised Support & Consultancy

Positive Behaviour Support
Introductory & Advanced courses
Bespoke Consultancy

Inset Day training
Providing you with an engaging and memorable bespoke workshop for all types of educational setting

Dual Diagnosis workshops
For those caring for people who may have a mental health diagnosis as well as a learning disability or autism

Many thanks are necessary to an ever growing number of people who provide ongoing support, advice and mentoring to D.ESCAL8™. These exceptional people include trainers, nurses, a physiotherapist, managers, clinical psychologists and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA). This gives D.ESCAL8™ a multidisciplinary support structure unparalleled in a small dynamic company.

The origins

Where it started

D.ESCAL8™ was started after many years of experience both training and working in a system and being of the opinion I could do things differently and measure different outcomes.

Physical Skills

All of the physical skills taught on our courses are designed for the safe use with children, young people and adults from 5 to 105.

D.ESCAL8™ do not teach any techniques that cause pain or any hyper flexion of the joints, and we do use the floor based restraints.

Our breakaway techniques and 'fluid restraint system' are effective, non-confrontational, compatible with PBS and work to maintain positive relationships with those receiving support.


Choosing a company name is never easy - so we decided to have a company name that does exactly what it says on the tin!

Restraint Reduction Network and BILD

Our signature Foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is certified to the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards, administered by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. More on this page.

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst BCBA

Director Des Cooke is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). Bio here.

Tomorrow and beyond

D.ESCAL8™ will always strive to share best practice and promote the reduction of restrictive practices.

Research and Development

D.ESCAL8™ are constantly developing new processes for continual improvement through our internal Quality Management System; constant feedback and improvement are key. Through Continuing Professional Development as a BCBA, and as a lover of Life Long Learning Director, Des Cooke, strives to maintain D.ESCAL8™'s place ahead of the curve in the world of Positive Behaviour Support, Positive Psychology, physical skills and de-escalation.

Interesting, informative, relevant and inspiring.

R.N. Teaching Assistant

It really was one of the best training courses I have ever attended! Des was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and responsive to the group and business needs. The biggest part for me was the ethos that came across throughout the course- moving into the social model of care, it is vital that staff attitude is genuinely person centred and considers their own conceptions about behaviour. De-escal8 captured this brilliantly and has improved my understanding of my own emotion and behaviours so that I can truly support individuals who display signs of distress. It was extremely refreshing to have the psychological and physical impact of working with people packaged together. It made a huge impact on the way I understand the need for emotional and physical intervention. If you are looking for a thorough training needs analysis, delivery of a course that is bespoke, training that enriches service delivery, builds confidence in staff and moves towards the social model of care I would highly recommend this training.

improve the lives of those you support and their futures

you can take it anywhere

D.ESCAL8™ deliver courses and workshops based on human relationships. This grounding is not about hierarchy of those supported vrs those they support. D8 is about building and maintaining positive relationships even with people who cause you some stress. From feedback this can have a good effect on your own relationships.

  • Research Based
    Relax in the knowledge this is our specialty
  • Physical & Emotional Safety
    D8 systems & processes will provide a safe environment for your staff
  • Behavioural at the core
    Delivery and content complements behavioural science