(pronounced de-escalate)
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D.ESCAL8 Company Information covering De-escalation and Positive Behaviour Support in health and social care. Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress rather than Managing Challenging Behaviour





DESCAL8TM was set up to develop and promote the concept of de-escalation alongside Positive Behaviour Support - all of our courses and workshops reflect that.

Our courses and workshops are constantly under review and evolve to incorporate the latest best practice, research and legislation.


DESCAL8TM work in all of these areas of care with adults, young people and children.

DESCAL8TM work in all of these areas of care with adults, young people and children.


We are also pleased to offer -


Our Family Support Project

  • 1 & 2 day Bespoke Courses
  • Individualised Support & Consultancy

Positive Behaviour Support

  • Introductory & Advanced courses
  • Bespoke Consultancy

Inset Day training

  • providing you with an engaging and memorable bespoke workshop for all types of educational setting

Dual Diagnosis workshops

  • for those caring for people who may have a mental health diagnosis as well as a learning disability or autism

In 2015 we achieved accreditation for some of our courses with a nationally recognised organisation - British Institute of Learning Disabilities BILD PITAS


Many thanks are necessary to a number of people who provide ongoing support, advice and mentoring to DESCAL8TM. These people include trainers, nurses, managers, clinical psychologists and a couple of CEO's. This gives D.ESCAL8TM a multidisciplinary support structure unparalleled in a small dynamic company