Fields of work

D.ESCAL8 TM run courses and workshops that are bespoke to the commissioning service. Instead of spreading our skill base thin we specialise in positive behaviour support and de-escalation within the healthcare industry. We have over 2 decades experience of delivering this type of training for a number of fields of human interaction, covering every aspect of an individual's care within:

  • Families Project
  • Intellectual / Learning Disabilities Services
  • Educational Settings Education Otherwise and Schools - Mainstream & Special
  • Inset Days An engaging memorable Bespoke Inset Day
  • Autistic Services
  • Aquired Brain Injury Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health issues for people with disabilities)
  • Ageing Populations Services, including Elderly Mentally Infirm
  • Young People Services from children’s services to those with teens in trouble
  • GP and Dentist Surgery
  • Pharmacy / Chemist’s
  • Fostering
  • Adult Placement / Shared Lives Services

The skills taught in these bespoke workshops may be drastically different dependent on the care setting, due to the nature and abilities of the individuals you care for. However, the philosophy, compassion, respect and dignity of the content delivery remain at the highest standard underpinned by positive behaviour support.

I have just completed the 3 day D.ESCAL8 course. I am a BCBA who currently works both in the U.K. and abroad. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. For me, this course provided the missing piece of the puzzle. I would encourage all ABA practitioners, and indeed all others involved in the care or education system in general, to attend this course. It encompasses the ABA approach whilst providing valuable crisis management techniques.

Des as a trainer is engaging, knowledgable and compelling. He challenges preconceived ideas and provokes mind set change with astounding efficiency. I have attended other “physical intervention” courses in the past. D.ESCAL8 provides an alternative so far superior you will wonder why it isn’t the only option.

In all delivery the content of the curriculum is backed throughout with the current legislation and accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme.

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

In house Trainers Project