(pronounced de-escalate)


Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme


D.ESCAL8TM have courses Accredited through the British Institute of Learning Disabilities


BILD Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme PITAS

The BILD Code of Practice (2014) is the most comprehensive to date. BILD strive with each new Code of Practice to improve the training around physical interventions with the aim to reduce them to an absolute minimum for all individuals. The primary focus of BILD Accredited Training is Positive Behaviour Support and this concept is embedded throughout the BILD Code of Practice. BILD set high standards for the competency, qualifications and experience of its Accredited Trainers, and for the staff that these trainers educate.

BILD Accreditation is not just a logo to put on a website - it guarantees the training organisation, its trainers, its policies, practices and standards are rigorously audited against the Code of Practice on a three yearly basis.

Only by having a BILD Accredited training course can you guarantee that -

  • All physical interventions are risk assessed by an independent professional every three years.
  • All physical interventions are approved for use by BILD and reflect the standards of their most up to date Code of Practice.
  • Your training company is keeping up to date with the latest legislation, guidance and best practice.
  • Any In House trainers meet the same exacting high standards as a BILD Accredited trainer.
  • Your staff are receiving training of the highest quality and are assessed against the professional, independent standards in the BILD Code of Practice.
  • Your staff are taught to focus on Positive Behaviour Support to reduce the use of physical interventions to an absolute minimum.

More information about the scheme is available on this link.



BILD Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme Courses:

  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

  • In house Trainers Project


The above D.ESCAL8TM courses are accredited under the PITAS Scheme. The date of the expiry of D.ESCAL8TM's accredited status is October 2018.