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D.ESCAL8™ provide a Consultancy Service for all aspects of
behaviour and human interaction.

This Consultancy Service is wholly overseen by
D.ESCAL8™ Director Des Cooke;
- UKBA(cert)
- Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) &
- PBS Consultant.

Our foundation training course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' covers what is needed for most people, however, some of those we support can fall outside the realms of standard training.
We can provide  individualised consultancy around specific individuals and develop bespoke workshops, behaviour support plans, work 'hands on' with support staff to implement plans effectively and provide ongoing advice and support for your dynamic needs.  

D.ESCAL8™ can work in all areas of education, health & social care with adults, young people and children.

We are proud to offer support to the following services:

Family Support Project -

Positive Behaviour Support -

Psychological Flexibility -

Behaviour Desc -

Positive Behaviour Support
Bespoke Consultancy

Our Family Support Project
1 & 2 day Bespoke Courses
Individualised Support & Consultancy

What can D.ESCAL8™ provide?

Functional Behavioural Assessment

D8 provide individualised Functional Behavioural Assessments to aid and inform consultancy.

Person Centred Approaches

A Functional Behavioural Assessment will provide the data needed to design a Behaviour Support Plan that is tailored to the individual.

Research and Development

At D.ESCAL8™ we  are continually developing and improving our courses and processes based on the latest research, legislation and guidance.

Physical Skills

It is rare that additional physical elements are added to the Behaviour Support Plan (beyond those in our Foundation training). However, D.ESCAL8™ will design bespoke, professionally risk assessed physical skills if indicated by a comprehensive Functional Behavioural Assessment.

Restraint Reduction Network and BILD

Our foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is certified to the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards. Certification is administered by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.  More Info

Service Level Agreement

Ongoing Organisation Support - After the initial training, customers can select various elements of the ongoing Service Level Agreement (SLA) that D.ESCAL8™ provide. This SLA gives the customer the option to choose from certain elements of support, such as:

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4-6th June 2024

Bristol Area

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West Wales Open Workshop

Autumn 2024 TBC

Narberth Area

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Des made a huge difference to Woodbridge Park. We have been on a rapid journey towards a more holistic, trauma-informed approach with our children and young people; moving away from traditional black and white behaviourist principles. Des joined us at the right time in this journey and provided some intensive staff support and training which has had a significant impact on our procedures and on staff practice. Thanks to Des’ calm, reassuring manner, our staff engaged intently with training and it was clear that many had a few ‘light bulb’ moments when it all suddenly made sense.

Des inspired and motivated our whole service to think differently about behaviour and to focus on what is really going on with a child or young person. As a result of Des’ support, we have developed a trail-blazing pupil induction and targeted support toolkit which clearly identifies underlying causes of negative behaviours and personal triggers. We revised our Development Plan to focus on trauma, attachment and reducing staff and pupil stress and anxiety and focused all our energies in approaching children and young people with curiosity, not judgment. Since 2018, our challenging behaviour incidents have fallen around 50%, our fixed-term exclusions have reduced from over 100 per year to less than 15, with no pupils; for over a year; with more than one exclusion. Our school attendance has also improved over the last two years and we remain above national averages. Des was part of this success and this journey and we cannot speak highly enough about him, his energy and approach.

Headteacher, Alternative Provision Service

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D.ESCAL8™ deliver courses and workshops based on human relationships. This grounding is not about hierarchy of those supported vrs those they support. D8 is about building and maintaining positive relationships even with people who cause you some stress. From feedback this can have a good effect on your own relationships.

  • Research Based
    Relax in the knowledge this is our specialty
  • Physical & Emotional Safety
    D8 systems & processes will provide a safe environment for your staff
  • Behavioural at the core
    Delivery and content complements behavioural science
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improve the lives of those you support and their futures