(pronounced de-escalate)


Bespoke work around Individuals - De-escalation and Positive Behaviour Support in health and social care. Specific Functional Behaviour Assessment - Planning and Implementation of Behaviour Support Plans


Individualised work



D.ESCAL8TM's training courses are able to cover a lot of common issues, however, we need to be aware that we are working with individuals.

When an individual displays a behavioural pattern that falls outside of the realms of the usual training D.ESCAL8TM can create bespoke proactive strategies for carers working with people whose behaviour has become a significant problem. Our consultants can also design bespoke physical interventions when certain criteria following the principle that restrictive physical interventions should only be considered when all other reasonable alternatives have been considered and found to be ineffective or inappropriate.


To enable us to get a full understanding of the needs of the individual a D.ESCAL8TM consultant will work directly with them and their carers / family in their usual settings. This allows the consultant to observe the behavioural cues as they occur, assess possible triggers for the behaviour and provide methods of de-escalation that could be employed. Working in the care setting allows rapport, understanding and trust to be built up, not only with the individual being cared for, but also the people who care for them.