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Every relationship has stressful times, and having problem behaviours within the family can be hard for others to understand and fully appreciate.

When a family member is in distress it can be incredibly stressful and difficult to maintain an ongoing positive relationship. Pressure will be placed upon all relationships within the family and on all aspects of family life; your relationship with any other children in the family and with your partner as well as the relationships siblings will have with each other.

We feel it is absolutely essential that you get help and training that fits perfectly with your particular needs. This page gives you information about our work with families and those they care for. D.ESCAL8TM will provide you with a completely personal and bespoke service in your own home.

“Dad and I just wanted to send a quick message to say thank you for the bespoke training course you ran around our son.

[....] As you are aware things were becoming pretty tricky at home, and Dad and I were struggling to manage our son’s frequent outbursts.

It was very helpful to us that you spent so much time in our home, observing (and helping us manage) his outbursts. Consultants we have dealt with in the past have taken a step back and not been keen to spend too much time hands on in the home and it was refreshing and really very different to have someone with us not afraid to join us and really demonstrate how to manage an extreme outburst (I hope your bruises are getting better by the way – since doing the course we have not had our daily top up as incidents are just not escalating in the same way – so yours may be the last ones dished out for a while!).

Although I had tried to explain PBS to Dad, it was much clearer coming from you, and it has really helped us work together and stay calm (which of course helps our son).

[....] We really are very grateful for everything you have done. We’d appreciate it if you could add us to an email list for refresher courses – I suspect that at some stage we will find it handy to revisit everything we have learned.”


As the above testimonial says D.ESCAL8TM will come and work directly with you and your family in your home to gain a real understanding of the behaviours you are experiencing on a day to day basis.

This allows the consultant to observe the behavioural cues as they occur, assess possible triggers for the behaviour and provide specific methods of de-escalation that could be employed. Working in the home setting allows rapport, understanding and trust to be built up, not only with the individual in distress, but also the family who live with them. Bespoke proactive strategies can then be designed for the family when behaviour has become a significant problem.

We can also teach disengagement techniques should they be required and, crucially, practice these with family members so that they have the confidence that they work should they need them.

2 young teenage men arguing

We teach hands on practical skills that enable people to disengage easily and calmly from:

  • Wrist Grabs
  • Pinching / Scratching
  • Clothing Grabs
  • Hair Grabs
  • Biting

We are happy to involve ALL family members in our consulting process; this gives us a clear picture of the impact any behaviours have on the whole household.

On our Family Workshops we welcome any family member over the age of 12 at the discretion of the responsible adult.

Social Worker on a bespoke 2 day course designed for an individual.

“I highly recommend the training to any professional who works with children where their presentation needs to be safely managed in such a way that actually supports that young person and staff. The training was very refreshing, providing new ways to manage a range of behaviours. This is done by first fully understanding the Young Persons needs through close analysis of ‘why’ the Young Person presents in a particular way. We were also able to link presentation to other issues such as sensory, communication and also routines. By fully understating this first, we are able to taylor our approach resulting in incidents being carefully and safely managed. By understanding first the person’s needs, we were able to taylor our approach to de-escalate before any physical intervention. The ethos around any physical intervention has been well thought out and tested. The training was delivered very well and has supported my ability as a practitioner so keep myself and the Young People safe.”


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