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De-escalation Blog covering De-escalation and Positive Behaviour Support in health and social care. Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress rather than Managing Challenging Behaviour


The De-escalation Blog


What kind of carer are you?

When under pressure we respond in a small number of differing ways. These tend to be in 2 main camps. Those who feel the need to control and those who have a more relaxed attitude.

The question is which has a better effect on the person in distress?

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Des Cooke
Attachment Trauma & Relationships

D.ESCAL8 has, from its inception, focused on attachment, trauma and resilience in relationships and in our main course titled – “Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress”. I was therefore interested in this seminar in particular and was able to swing my timetable to go in the last few days prior to the event.

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Des Cooke
Olive - stress management

This device could aid behaviour support planning, reactive strategies etc. Perhaps give us early warning signs as to when rules, and the pressure of conforming, need to be relaxed. This would stop the power struggle that occurs when humans arousal state rises.

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Des Cooke