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Care Learning

June 12th saw D.ESCAL8 running workshops and being a major sponsor of the Care Learning Conference. 

This fantastic day led to our "Communicating with individuals in distress" workshops being full within minutes of the doors opening as the delegates chose which workshops to attend.

All those helping the D.ESCAL8 team enjoyed listening to Gavin Aubrey in the morning session and other workshops they got to attend. Within that a lot of learning and continuing professional development occurred, especially true for our work experience helpers who had not seen the Myers Briggs personality types talk previously.

Our workshops ran well regardless of opportunities having occurred around a warm, windowless room on a hot summers day. 

Below you will find the presentation and the link to the PDF of the slides. Please comment below if you were able to attend a talk. I look forward to catching up again with all those remarkable caring people we met throughout the day.

Thank you to my team of D.ESCAL8 helpers and to Bernard, Philip and Megan for all your support.

Presentation below

Des Cooke