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Training Administration System

One of the aspects D.ESCAL8 has always been great at is administration of the courses.

Customer Online Access


We produce the report for a course within 48 hours (24 hours 100% success since launch).

These Course Reports detail

  • the attendance list
  • logistical information
  • evaluations overview
  • notes on the venue
  • notes from the trainer
  • follow up work and service issues mentioned by the group
  • notes on any individuals that have not gained a full certificate and what process would be needed for them to attain one.


Full colour glossy certificates are printed and produced by a third party but this seems to be arriving around a week after the course, as it is a third party printing and posting these we can make no guarantees.


Customers get access to their evaluation forms as a scanned PDF, usually within one week providing our technology remains intact.


All this is possible due to our bespoke admin system, we have now launched this to customer access. This means each customer will have online access should they wish to the following information about their particular service.


  • list of courses the service have had and their course information
    • dates
    • venue details
    • trainer etc
    • this area has a link to download a CSV file of all information about the staff trained
      • names
      • place of work / house (sometimes staff have just used the company name)
      • certificate gained (attendance or completion)
      • number of days training
      • date of course
    • this area links through to information about each course
  • detailed course information on each course
    • access the PDF report
    • access to the report online
    • course list including seeing individual participants recorded information
  • ability to update company information profile and the users profile (email etc)
  • from the company page you can access through to your accounts page where you can see all the account information history and any outstanding invoices

The following is a brief video of some of these features


D8 are always striving to make the experience of the customer as smooth as possible which is why since inception D8 has concentrated on a state of the art administrations system. Ongoing this will get updates, here are some of the items in the works:

  • online access to PDF scan of registration sheets
    • be able to see the signatures of your staff
  • online access to PDF scan of evaluations
    • these currently arrive as email attachments as above
  • online access to PDF digital certificates
    • this will provide digital certificates, which, while not full colour glossy as the card hard copies, will still show certification
    • these PDF’s online will be available to individual staff if they have registered for this service

Author Des Cooke.

Des Cooke