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Over the last few years we have been having many conversations with family members who say they never receive support with their child or relative's behaviour.

For a long time we debated how to achieve supporting family around their person. I grew up with disabilities as part of my family life and therefore am quite close to the fundamental idea that we are in a great positions to assist others.

Over the years I have taught many parents through the standard training, however this may not be the answer!

I worked with one particular mother around her teen, she did the 3 day course then we did a 2 day workshop that was bespoke to her son, this involved specific consultancy and designing things I had never in the past taught. In the room for these 2 days were people from the school, the social worker, the respite service and both parents. The workshop consolidated everyone into a consistent confident group.

From that the staff then went on to receive the full 3 day BILD Accredited training. However with the parents I also spent a couple of days in their home one weekend 6 months later to assist with a predictably difficult holiday weekend. It was at this point that the conversations on how to assist parents developed.

I have attempted to lay on training for parents in the past even at a seriously reduced rate and sometimes free. I mainly get calls from people who are unable to attend for whatever reason or seem to get more from the phone call discussing the behaviour of their child than actually want to come to a workshop to look at practical solutions.

Many of the people I talk to say they have been on challenging behaviour courses and they don't help!

So I have teamed up with the mother mentioned - Dr Christianne Pollock to run seminars and workshops specifically bespoke around the participant's needs. This had a pilot run in Bristol that was incredibly well received. We ran 2 days and covered the exact things the participants wanted. One mother in particular, who was one of the people who said they had been on CB courses and nothing helped, said this was the first time she had met people with similar issues and the first time she had been given proper practical solutions.

All of the feedback and testimonials can be found on this page which also leads to this site

I feel this is really exciting stuff and closer to my view of the D8 mission

D.ESCAL8™ Open workshops site is de-escalation.training

Author Des Cooke