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From Inception D8 was formed as a method of getting high quality training to those who care for individuals in distress. Part of that concept involves smaller companies and individuals who find accessing training prohibitive for various reasons. Apart from the obvious cost implications with running a full training course there are also the implications regarding closing a business to release staff for the course to occur.

So from this, 2 areas have emerged that might not be considered traditional in our industry. An Open Workshops portal is available on de-escalation.training. This portal covers the following 2 areas

  • Open Workshops Accredited (for D8 customers) by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) - Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress.
  • Parent & Family Bespoke Workshops for Individuals who care for someone within their family unit. These are not Accredited as their content is specifically bespoke to the participants who attend. More info found here.

We have set up an agreement with a partner organisation for Bristol and the South West. The pilot Parent and Family Workshop was incredibly well received. The Training Hub system is such that agreements can be formed with partner organisations in defined geographic areas. This leads to a system where a partner organisation can sell places and gain profit for the hosting of the course or workshop with D8 delivering the content.

Our South West Hub is run in partnership with Freeways. Freeways is a highly regarded charity that supports people with a learning disability providing residential, supported living and community services.

Next Open Workshop for Bristol and the South West can be found here.

Our successful West Wales Hub is on the Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire border and has led to collaborations with a number of schools, therapists and smaller organisations.

Next Open Workshop for West Wales can be found here.

Author Des Cooke