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Participant PDF Certificate Access Online

Get Your PDF Certificate Online

the D8 admin system has developed steadily over the last few years and is now at the point where we can release individual participant online access to their own digital certificates.

This has been a while coming and the certificates do not look anything like their physical solid card counterparts. However it does mean participants who for one reason or another do not get their certificate from the course organiser or have lost it, can gain a digital replacement themselves online.

From this post on the admin system back in 2015 we have customers who choose to use this access to download complete excel sheets of who has been trained in their company and when. This gives a cross reference for their admins around who is due for training.

In early 2016 the system was upgraded to incorporate customer admins having access to their individual participant PDF certificates, a PDF report of the course and a PDF containing all the certificates for a single course.

Now in 2017 the goal of participants accessing their own certificates has been achieved through the intermittent goals of certification and admin access described above.

Of coures our online PDF's do not look as good as out full glossy certificates that we have produced since the start of the company as below, however it does give a system where participants can have some control.

For this PDF online access to occur an individual must be aware of the following constraints, these are on the page that you can access to get your certificate.

This is for participants, who have been certificated on a recent D.ESCAL8 TM course or workshop, can gain a digital certificate. This gives a PDF download that can be emailed or printed.

Digital Certificates do not look as good as the full glossy above.

This is possible for participants who legibly printed their email address on the registration form that was handed to the facilitator.

Digital certificates will not be possible in following circumstances:

  • participants did not write legibly on the registration form

  • participants chose not to give their email address

  • your certification date is over 12 months ago and therefore out of date

  • Please note that email addresses cannot be added after the end of the event you attended.

We do not guarentee this system as certificates are issued to the organisor after all training.

Certificates can be accessed by following the directions on this page Get My Certificate

Author Des Cooke