fostering kids in distress

Working with indiviudals in distress (rather than challenging behaviour) can be stressful for us as carers. Fostering brings children into your home to be part of your family.

Any relationship has stressful times and bringing a child into your home can put pressure on all aspects of family life. Child development only plays a part.


Relationships - the key to successful placements.

As children are likely to have had many disappointments, and a lack of that constant emotional gate post they need, relationships and the support for the carer to develop those positive relationships are the key.


Our parent and family workshops are specifically designed to assist you to develop positive relationships with children in distress.


D.ESCAL8™ BILD Accredited Courses:

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

In house Trainers Project

I highly recommend the training to any professional who works with children where their presentation needs to be safely managed in such a way that actually supports that young person and staff. The training was very refreshing, providing new ways to manage a range of behaviours. This is done by first fully understanding the Young Persons needs through close analysis of ‘why’ the Young Person presents in a particular way. We were also able to link presentation to other issues such as sensory, communication and also routines. By fully understating this first, we are able to taylor our approach resulting in incidents being carefully and safely managed. By understanding first the person’s needs, we were able to taylor our approach to de-escalate before any physical intervention. The ethos around any physical intervention has been well thought out and tested. The training was delivered very well and has supported my ability as a practitioner so keep myself and the Young People safe.
— L.C. -NQSW/Social Worker/ASW Practitioner
I have to say that in our profession we are often given models of intervention to use and the theory behind them, but applying them in reality often fails. Your course helped me challenge my own belief system in understanding the psychological impact of ‘power’ in applying re-enforcement theory for children and young people with Learning disabilities. Your course provides a realistic interpretation of the work environment and how to remain calm and it certainly tests participants! Listening to your own experience and your realistic role plays certainly causes you to reflect on your own practice and how you will go forward to help carers in their roles. Thank you.
— K.Z. - Supervising Social Worker

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