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Does D.ESCAL8™ run a "Train the Trainer" scheme?

D.ESCAL8™ run a couple of different projects one of which would be the Trainers Project. This would be where Associate trainers can get the qualifications needed to run D.ESCAL8™ training within their own organisations. We also run an Associates Project which does not lead to the Trainer Qualification.

How does the D.ESCAL8™ system fit in with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Our system is completely compatible with all areas of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS); both are thoroughly integrated within the main D8 training.

Is the D.ESCAL8™ Fluid Restraint System good enough?

In our core foundation teaching we do not use restraint techniques that would traditionally immobalise the person; this is for a multitude of reasons that we cover when teaching our Fluid Restraint System to participants. We have a number of other advanced techniques we use around individuals occasionally when needed. However invariably, when they understand our Fluid Restraint System, staff opt to use FLUID RESTRAINT and not use more restrictive techniques where possible.
Words from a trainer who had 6 previous providers. None came close.

Restraint Reduction Network

  • Research Based
  • Physical & Emotional Safety
  • Behavioural at the core

Our Foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is Certified by the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards that are administered by BILD - they can be found here