Does D.ESCAL8™ run a "Train the Trainer" scheme?

Does D.ESCAL8™ run a "Train the Trainer" scheme?

D.ESCAL8™ run a couple of different projects one of which would be the Trainers Project. This would be where Associate trainers can get the qualifications needed to run D.ESCAL8™ training within their own organisations. We also run an Associates Project which does not lead to the Trainer Qualification.

The aim is that on completion of the D.ESCAL8™ Associate Trainer Project candidates will have the skills and knowledge to implement D.ESCAL8™ within their own service and to train their employees in the D.ESCAL8™ foundation course “Supporting Individuals in Distress”

The foundation course is a two day course incorporating both theory and disengagement skills.

D.ESCAL8™ Associates are people who get extra training over a period of time so that they gain a lot of input on PBS and the D.ESCAL8™ approaches. These individuals do not get taught how to teach the foundation course and do not gain the status of trainer.

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Our Foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is Certified by the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards that are administered by BILD - they can be found here