How does the D.ESCAL8™ system fit in with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

How does the D.ESCAL8™ system fit in with Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)?

Our system is completely compatible with all areas of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS); both are thoroughly integrated within the main D8 training.

Commonly staff will say that the Physical Intervention training they had previously received was not compatible with their PBS training. Here at D.ESCAL8™ we pride ourselves on the fact that our course feedback overwhelmingly says that we deliver physical intervention training that is the most compatible with the PBS training being delivered to staff.

D.ESCAL8™ deliver PBS training in its own right, and our Physical Intervention training and consultancy is fully grounded in PBS allowing a seamless experience for participants.

Our Director Des Cooke is a BCBA (Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) and as such can perform comprehensive Functional Behaviour Assessments and implement Behaviour Support Plans around specific individuals. Positive Behaviour Support Interventions are used to teach replacement behaviours to improve the quality of life of the supported individuals and build better understanding and relationships with those who support them.

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Our Foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is Certified by the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards that are administered by BILD - they can be found here