I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the fantastic course last week. I genuinely mean it when I say it was the best course I have ever been on. In my line of work I am used to going on many courses and usually come away feeling like my time has been wasted and completely bored. Not this time. I would recommend your course to anyone.
— J.T. Behavioural Therapist

Developing Positive Relationships

with Individuals in Distress


This workshop creates compassionate, calmer more confident carers who gain the skills to form deep lasting relationships with those they care for.


Not simply appearing to be calm but actually creating the relevant environmental conditions to achieve calm through this toolkit.

Other physical intervention is generally not compatible with building relationships this workshop provides the skills to implement a holistic approach to relationship building.


Learn how to:

  • evolve the support needed around carer stress

  • consolidate relationships

  • assist those we care for the way we want to be cared for

Training was amazing! The most person centred training I have ever attended.
Learnt a lot. The course gave me a confidence to work with clients in distress, to look for simple but effective solutions to support individual.
It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately.
Would recommend!
— M.N. Manager

Improve Confidence

Research has demonstrated that after this type of training staff tend to approach incidents or people in distress in a calmer way as they will be more confident about managing the interaction.

Improve Resilience

Achieve a reduction in staff sickness absence and an improved emotional resilience and tolerance to working with those in distress when carers find it a challenging.

Reduce Fear

Staff members are more comfortable and likely to use de-escalation for longer. Better relationships develop between staff and those they look after due to an increased understanding of behaviour.

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Distress & Relationships

Perception & Reality

  • Legal Aspects
  • Acceptance tolerance & resilience
  • Carer support systems
  • Causes
  • PBS
  • Approaches to conflict
  • Stress

Disengagement & Relationships

  • Wrist releases
  • Hair releases
  • Clothing grabs & pinching
  • Biting
  • Airway protection
  • Being Hit

Restrictive Practice & Relationships

  • Movement and Restriction
  • Assisting others
  • Self Injury
  • Movement & Reality
  • Recap
  • Stress Training & Reality
This course truly is the gold standard, encouraging participants to reflect upon their own practices and experiences, to expand upon their understanding of ‘duty of care’ in their chosen field and that there is always another way to handle difficult situations. I have been on several courses and this is the first that focuses entirely on the individual in distress and how to support them in the best way possible. If you have the opportunity to attend, take it as you and your practice will benefit greatly.
— H.L. Morgan Postgraduate Student / Personal Family Assistant


As part of the BILD Accreditation there are a limited number of participant places on each course. This is how complete the register is for the next course.

Bookings so far - 60%


Next Workshop in Bristol & South West

29-31st Jan 2018

I have just completed the 3 day D.ESCAL8 course. I am a BCBA who currently works both in the U.K. and abroad. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. For me, this course provided the missing piece of the puzzle. I would encourage all ABA practitioners, and indeed all others involved in the care or education system in general, to attend this course. It encompasses the ABA approach whilst providing valuable crisis management techniques.
Des as a trainer is engaging, knowledgable and compelling. He challenges preconceived ideas and provokes mind set change with astounding efficiency. I have attended other “physical intervention” courses in the past. D.ESCAL8 provides an alternative so far superior you will wonder why it isn’t the only option.
— A.I. - BCBA

Des Cooke


Training Consultant & Director of D.ESCAL8


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  • Access Ongoing Support
  • Perpetual Digital Participant Booklet Updates
  • Digital PDF Certificate Access Online
  • Premium Quality Printed Card Certificates
  • Discount on Annual Update day (booked during original course)

Early Bird to 15/12/17

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  • Access Ongoing Support
  • Perpetual Digital Participant Booklet Updates
  • Digital PDF Certificate Access Online
  • Premium Quality Printed Card Certificates
  • Discount on Annual Update day (booked during the original course)
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Next Workshop in Bristol & South West

29-31st Jan 2018

The course was absolutely fantastic and I believe everyone in the care industry should receive this training as standard. I felt particularly empowered by the whole philosophy of de-escalate and its client centered approach. The course encourages you to challenge personal beliefs and societal presumptions which could be unhelpful when assisting an individual in distress. Instead it allows you to develop confidence in knowing how to act in a high arousal situation which you may find challenging, this confidence then in turn assists you
to respond in more helpful low aroused ways rather than resorting to touch and restraint which is likely to distress clients further.
Des is a fantastic trainer who delivers course content in an engaging way which meets all learning styles. His knowledge of the subject was above and beyond including psychology, law, case examples, research and much more! I particularly enjoyed the role plays which was an invaluable way of learning, I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say the pressure you’re put under compares to VERY realistic situations which was an invaluable learning experience!
— E.H. Psychologist