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It is very common for people to assume they know what we do - people say:

I have been on a course like that!

However, we do things differently …

D.ESCAL8™ (pronounced de-escalate) was formed in 2013.

While it is easy to say we are different, don't take our word for it - the following testimonials highlight the differences and the positive impact of our training.

Online Workshop Testimonials

I have been to many courses with regards to least restrictive techniques but this was by far the best one I have attended, the course content and delivery of training is so interesting and Des is a fantastic trainer. I found the role play the most effective and literally came away from there wit more skills and knowledge!

Assistant Manager

K.D. Assistant Manager

I have found aspects of this course extremely useful in my work with young people. Practical as well as theoretical advice and strategies to use if necessary.  Incidents  have been avoided and resolved calmly and staff have understood the importance  to take the time to de brief and off load.



I have attended physical intervention courses in the past but this was by far the best training course.   The trainer was very good by making it very realistic and providing theoretical information so that there was a rationale for all of the actions.  The techniques were very different to my previous training but the trainer explained why they would be more effective and safe.  There were many demonstrations and modelling before we practiced the techniques.  The final day involved some very realistic role play performed by the trainer - it was invaluable.   Having been involved in a few incidents in the workplace, I wished I had access to this training course before! I left this training course feeling more confident and knowledgeable about being involved in a range of potentially difficult scenarios.  Everyone working in learning disabilities and SEN should do this training.

Speech and Language Therapist

E.K. SaLT - Speech and Language Therapist

The course was very helpful; both for my professional life but also my personal. I found it pushed me physically, psychologically and morally. I really recommend that people have this training as it helps you to understand why people react to things in a certain way and how important it is to support an individual when they are in the green before you need to descalate the situation.

Support worker

D.L. Support Worker

I really enjoyed the course. I dreaded going at first because it was made out to be some sort of a traumatic experience; its not. I believe it truly prepared me for my line of work, yes in physical matters, but mostly in mental and emotional matters. The way i view situations and deal with them is completely different now. The course has shown me a new way of thinking and a new way of descalting behaviour before it gets into the red zone

Teaching assistant

K.P. Teaching Assistant

Having used the training many times over the last year, I have seen a significant change in behaviour in the children I support. All were experiencing frequent exclusions and staff were regularly injured. The children are now in school full time and staff injuries are at an all time low.

Support staff

S.M. Support Staff

I really enjoyed this course, for years I have always felt that there were more positive ways out there to deal with these behaviours. Des made the course interesting and I used some of the things I was taught on my next day at work and saw some big improvements over the next week.



Fantastic 3 day workshop! Learnt many new skills, strategies and different approaches, enabling people to work more effectively in supporting the varied needs of students. Very knowledgable course tutor with a person centred approach, that made each step of the course entertaining providing unforgettable experiences!



The training was engaging and thought provoking throughout. Although I feel better prepared for any type of physical intervention, I also feel less likely to need it.


A.T. Teacher

Interesting and beneficial as a reminder and reinforcer. I was able to relate the strategies to my work and some to home. I take from the course different ideas and a continually changing and developing mindset.



Des shared extensive experience and knowledge whilst presenting information in a practical way which the family were able to understand. the course has had a huge impact on the parents which in turn will help the young person they care for.

behaviour specialist/therapist

S.B. Behaviour Specialist / Therapist

Found the course very helpful and responsive to situations we sometimes find ourselves in

Senior support worker

S.S. Senior Support Worker

Really enjoyed the course, having done several other ‘physical intervention’ courses this one has made me question my thinking when supporting people when distressed

Practice leader (Registered Manager)

L.T. Practice leader (Registered Manager)

I think the course was excellent, both theoretical and practical.Des is an excellent person with experience and understanding.This type of work needs courses with this intensity to prepare them for inevitable happenings.

Support Worker

J.M. Support Worker

I really enjoyed the course, Des was a fantastic trainer and knew how to engage the group well, theory side is very different from what we have known previously and practical was very interactive and engaging.

practice leader

K.A. Practice Leader

Course was fun and enjoyable and full of relevant information to use on the job

SEN teacher

R.E. SEN Teacher

Descal8 training brings care and support for people in distress into the 21st Century, by far the best training course I have ever attended, purely focussed on given control back to the people we support.

PBS Service Manager

J.S. PBS Service Manager

One of the best courses I’ve been on in a long time, interesting, informative and funny. Really makes you think about how to handle difficult situations.

Teaching assistant

S.P. Teaching Assistant

It was great to finally be equipped with a set of skills that can be used with a person in distress. I loved that the focus was on relationship and it has resonated with me on many levels. I look forward to the update!

Speech and Language Therapist

K.D. SaLT - Speech and Language Therapist


Behaviour Therapist

A.B. Behaviour Therpist

So much better than the old 'hands on' restraint training I've been on. Safer and less stressful for both employee and client.

Support worker

M.W. Support Worker

My experience on this course was one of intrigue and enlightenment. I was able to see through the different delivery styles how and where behaviours can stem from, how they can affect the individual, strategies to prevent distress from escalating and how to handle any situation that does arise, in a safe, dignified, positive and lawful manner.

Student Support Assistant

P.R. Study Support Assistant

The training was very informative and helpful. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed myself at the same time.


C.O. Teaching Assistant

This training programme was very full on with a lots of useful information which can become very useful if and when required and approved by our managers. I really enjoyed the journey on this training course.

Study Support Assistant

J.S. Study Support Assistant

very good course

student support assistant

C.O. Study Support Assistant

This course gives a self assurance and confidence to protect myself and the students in my care. I will surely recommend it to schools and colleges with challenging behaviour students.

SSA supported learning

M.A. Study Support Assistant

I really enjoyed the training , learnt some new moves which i hadn't done in any other training

study support assistant SSA

T.M. Study Support Assistant

my experience was amazing. I learnt so much in the 3 days of training and it was a real eye opener.

Support education mentor/ support worker

W.W. Support Worker

The training was great. It was very thorough and well delivered. The content of this course has really changed my view of dealing with pupils in distress and I feel I am a better teacher because of it. Thank you!


E.F. Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course. Des was an amazing teacher and I learnt a lot. I’m so glad I was able to go onto this course - and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Behavioural Therapist

H.W. Behavioural Therpist

This is how all care and support training should be carried out. I feel so reassured that my family member is being cared for by a team that has this training and work ethic. PBS works and it should be the norm across the service network. Thank you Des.


D.S. Parent

Very informative and helpful, as well as being fun.

Support worker

K.E. Support Worker

The course was great, very thought provoking, I have learnt many new skills to take forward into my job roll and would recommend this course to everybody!!

Support and education mentor

K.W. Support & Education Mentor

A very interactive course which have given me some skills that I will find useful in my job.

Teaching assistant

S.E. Teaching Assistant

It was very enjoyable and despite the serious nature of the course Des made it fun.


D.escal8 is the most relevant and informative training I have untaken in the last 12years! I have always worked with young people with 'care seeking' behaviours and this course has a completely different and brilliant way of responding and interacting with the young person.


Inspirational, I left the 3 day course feeling empowered and full of encouragement, des is possibly one of the best trainers I’ve ever had the privilege to have train me , Thankyou des for an amazing 3 days that literally changed my outlook on not only my job but my own live xx

Support Worker

S.C. Support Worker

It was a helpful and practical training to reflect about people relationships

Support Worker

S.G. Support Worker

When I first went on the course I couldn't see how it would work but after listening on how to look at situations from other angles and how to defuse situations before they escalated it made senseThank you for changing MY mindset

Teaching assistant

M.R. Teaching Assistant

A great course giving in depth content from how to stop things escalating but if they do how to ensure the child/person in your care is safe as well as yourself

Behavioural technician

C.K. Behaviour Technician

The course provided me with essential skills that has improved my knowledge. Gave techniques and information that was relevant and could be applied.


Just to say the last group have been buzzing about the training ‘the best I’ve ever received in 30 years’ was said by 2 members of staff!



Training was done in a relaxed environment so was earlier to learn, just wish we were able to do the full three days!!


J.L. - PA

All the staff have improved their knowledge and understanding of positive behaviour support. The course has increased their confidence in managing behaviour which is then, replicated in their practice throughout school.
Once again, you have delivered an excellent and interactive course!



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