(pronounced de-escalate)

Trainers Project


Associate Trainer Project



D.ESCAL8 TM Associate Trainer Project is our ‘In-House Trainers Project’ suitable for larger organisations. Your successful Associate Trainer would adhere to the BILD Code of Practice 2014 and deliver the D.ESCAL8TM ‘Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress’ course and associated annual update days to staff within your service.

The Associate Trainers Course, your trainer will benefit from -

  • Online system to record staff training, generate reports and certificates
  • Online CPD log
  • Kept up to date with research, evidence and good practice
  • Annual CPD training
  • Full assessment of training delivered - every two years
  • Continuing D.ESCAL8 advice and support

D.ESCAL8 ’s Associate Trainer Project is more rigorous than most. This attention to detail has the benefit of only producing high quality facilitators who will be able to offer support and advice on-site, as well as training, with D.ESCAL8 backup only a phone call away.

It really was one of the best training courses I have ever attended! Des was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and responsive to the group and business needs. The biggest part for me was the ethos that came across throughout the course- moving into the social model of care, it is vital that staff attitude is genuinely person centred and considers their own conceptions about behaviour. De-escal8 captured this brilliantly and has improved my understanding of my own emotion and behaviours so that I can truly support individuals who display signs of distress. It was extremely refreshing to have the psychological and physical impact of working with people packaged together. It made a huge impact on the way I understand the need for emotional and physical intervention. If you are looking for a thorough training needs analysis, delivery of a course that is bespoke, training that enriches service delivery, builds confidence in staff and moves towards the social model of care I would highly recommend this training.
— A.L. – Training and Development Advisor
Reading the Testimonials from other course participants I thought Des had cherry picked the best for a positive opinion. Having been on the course I know that the Feedback is genuine and if you are in doubt go and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed !

Having been an instructor for another Physical Intervention Method for many years. I approached the course open to suggestions and methods to improve the quality of care given to pupils and to provide a positive outcome for the individual. I attended the course with an open mind and hopeful to pick up one or two points to help staff and pupils alike. I have re-evaluated my whole approach to physical interventions and feel that all the staff I work with would benefit from attending the D.ESCAL8 course. The course would provide an up to date method to develop future relationships with pupils in our care and a less restrictive option if physical intervention is needed.
— A.W. Teacher (Trainer for other BILD Accredited Co.)