(pronounced de-escalate)


De-escalation and Positive Behaviour Support Training - Developing Positive Relationships with Individuals in Distress


Developing Positive Relationships



D.ESCAL8 TM (pronounced de-escalate) offer training courses, workshops and consultancy primarily focused on assisting carers enhance the relationship they have with those they care for.

We tend not to use the term ‘Challenging Behaviour’ for a variety of reasons which we have explained in a blog post that can be read here.

The term does not help us with carers understanding of their role. Some courses will teach a member of staff to manage ‘challenging’ behaviour; we teach carers to assist the individuals they care for with their distress. All behaviour happens for a reason, assisting individuals to find ways to reduce their distress and communicate that need in more appropriate manner is fundamentally a better philosophy.

When we can assist carers to develop and maintain positive relationships with individuals, even when the behaviour has an emotional effect on us, then we are providing the environmental conditions to fulfill some basic human needs.

Our work focuses on positive behaviour support and reducing the need for any restrictive practice including physical intervention to the absolute minimum with the ultimate aim of it being eliminated completely.

Our courses and workshops have this principle at their core and fundamentally aim to create strategies for carers to achieve and consolidate deep lasting relationships.