(pronounced de-escalate)
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Welsh Autism Show Aberystwyth


Welcome to D8, My name is Des - you have landed on this page as you met me or my sister Chdel at the Welsh Autism Show.

I have added any information from conversations below, if I have missed anything please contact me

Lovely to meet you.






FSP Workshops

FSP Bespoke

D8 Family also deliver behaviour consultancy within the family unit delivering:

  • functional behavioural assessment
  • functional analysis
  • behaviour support planning
  • implementation

D8 Family host family support training workshops giving practical solutions to common problems in a bespoke short course format.

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D.ESCAL8 TM Staff Training

D.ESCAL8 TM (pronounced de-escalate) offer training courses, workshops and consultancy primarily focused on assisting carers enhance the relationship they have with those they care for.

We run open workshops where an organisation can send a decision maker to evaluate a training for free. Our latest open workshop will be April 25th-27th, please register to get your free place as places are limited.