content overview

BILD Accredited & Bespoke Workshops


content overview

BILD Accredited & Bespoke Workshops

DESCAL8 Content Overview

D.ESCAL8 are accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Physical Intervention Accreditation Scheme, info can be found on this link.

Bespoke and designed for the service commissioning the training, courses need to contain certain elements to fulfil the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Code of Practice for trainers (2014), this is from the BILD Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme (PITAS). Elements on any course will be drawn from the following list - however this is not exhaustive.



  • Legal aspects

  • Positive Behaviour Support

  • Staff support systems

  • DESCAL8: de-escalation incorporating low arousal and other psychological principles

  • Real application practice

  • Physical interventions, including but not limited to: 

    • wrists and clothing grabs

    • pinching

    • hair pulling

    • biting

    • airway protection

    • assisting someone who has got themselves stuck in any situation

    • physical protection - self injury and staff safety

    • back off or to take hold - when, why, where and how

It is recognised that the subject matter in this area of training can be difficult for participants:

  • content is backed up with research and deepening of learning through real world examples and consolidation practice

  • all staff are supported emotionally and physically through the content, no one is expected to do anything they do not want to do

  • D.ESCAL8 incorporate Behavioral Skills Training (BST) which is a training package that utilizes instructions, modeling, rehearsal, and feedback in order to teach a new skill


BILD PITAS covers the following groups 

  • Children and adults with learning disabilities

  • Children and adults with autistic spectrum conditions

  • Pupils with special educational needs

  • Children with additional needs that may result in socially inappropriate behaviour(s)

  • Children with social and emotional difficulties associated with behaviours that challenge 

  • Adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who are detained under the mental health legislation

  • Children and young people (up to the age of 19) who are detained in semi secure and secure settings or who are detained under the relevant mental health legislation

  • Families and family carers, including foster carers, those offering short breaks and support to children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism and social emotional and behaviour difficulties

Fantastic 3 day workshop! Learnt many new skills, strategies and different approaches, enabling people to work more effectively in supporting the varied needs of students. Very knowledgable course tutor with a person centred approach, that made each step of the course entertaining providing unforgettable experiences!
— R.M. Teaching Assistant

In-house or Open workshops?

Most customers have us come in to consult and train in-house, however we also run training hubs delivering the same high quality training for small providers who only need to access a small number of places occasionally as staff turnover dictates. 


Learning Outcomes

Several elements of the course can be mapped to -

  • National Care Standards

  • National Minimum Standards

  • Qualifications and Credit Framework

  • Social Care Induction Framework

  • Positive Behaviour Support Competency Framework 2015

I thought as a refresher course the content was absolutely spot on. Des was able to adapt to the specific needs and queries of the group very easily and I felt that the staff all had positive outcome from the day.
— S.J. – Service Director


Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme


Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme

D.ESCAL8 are Fully Accredited through the British Institute of Learning Disabilities -

BILD Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme

The BILD Code of Practice (2014) is the most comprehensive to date. BILD strive with each new Code of Practice to improve the training around physical interventions with the aim to reduce them to an absolute minimum for all individuals. The primary focus of BILD Accredited Training is PBS and this concept is embedded throughout. BILD set rigorous standards for the competency, qualifications and experience of its Accredited Trainers, and for the staff that these trainers educate.

BILD Accreditation is not just a logo to put on a website - it guarantees the training organisation, its trainers, its policies, practices and standards are rigorously audited against the Code of Practice on a three yearly basis.

A ‘BILD Member’ logo is NOT the same as a ‘BILD Accreditation Scheme’ logo - do not be fooled by deceptive and clever marketing.

The only way to guarantee you have a BILD Accredited Trainer, or In House Training Scheme, is to use a company who are accredited by BILD and who, most importantly, maintain that accreditation.

So should you be asking questions of your training provider? 

  • Is the company I trust to train my staff still BILD accredited?

  • Are they still achieving the highest standards in PBS and physical intervention training?

  • Are continually striving to improve practice and meet ever improving standards?

Check the current list on the BILD website to see if the company you rely on is still accredited - you may be surprised to find out they are not.


Only by using a BILD Accredited company can you guarantee that -

  • All physical interventions are risk assessed by an independent professional every three years.

  • All physical interventions are approved for use by BILD and reflect the standards of their most up to date Code of Practice.

  • Your training company is keeping up to date with the latest legislation, guidance and best practice.

  • Any In House trainers meet the same exacting high standards as a BILD Accredited trainer.

  • Your staff are receiving training of the highest quality and are assessed against the professional, independent standards in the Bild Code of Practice.

  • Your staff are taught to focus on Positive Behaviour Support and not to use physical interventions where possible

More information about the scheme is available on this link.


areas of work

areas of work

Fields of work

D.ESCAL8 TM run courses and workshops that are bespoke to the commissioning service. Instead of spreading our skill base thin we specialise in positive behaviour support and de-escalation within the healthcare industry. We have over 2 decades experience of delivering this type of training for a number of fields of human interaction, covering every aspect of an individual's care within:

  • Families Project
  • Intellectual / Learning Disabilities Services
  • Educational Settings Education Otherwise and Schools - Mainstream & Special
  • Inset Days An engaging memorable Bespoke Inset Day
  • Autistic Services
  • Aquired Brain Injury Services
  • Mental Health Services
  • Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health issues for people with disabilities)
  • Ageing Populations Services, including Elderly Mentally Infirm
  • Young People Services from children’s services to those with teens in trouble
  • GP and Dentist Surgery
  • Pharmacy / Chemist’s
  • Fostering
  • Adult Placement / Shared Lives Services

The skills taught in these bespoke workshops may be drastically different dependent on the care setting, due to the nature and abilities of the individuals you care for. However, the philosophy, compassion, respect and dignity of the content delivery remain at the highest standard underpinned by positive behaviour support.

I have just completed the 3 day D.ESCAL8 course. I am a BCBA who currently works both in the U.K. and abroad. I cannot recommend this course highly enough. For me, this course provided the missing piece of the puzzle. I would encourage all ABA practitioners, and indeed all others involved in the care or education system in general, to attend this course. It encompasses the ABA approach whilst providing valuable crisis management techniques.

Des as a trainer is engaging, knowledgable and compelling. He challenges preconceived ideas and provokes mind set change with astounding efficiency. I have attended other “physical intervention” courses in the past. D.ESCAL8 provides an alternative so far superior you will wonder why it isn’t the only option.

In all delivery the content of the curriculum is backed throughout with the current legislation and accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Physical Intervention Training Accreditation Scheme.

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

In house Trainers Project



Open workshops

de-escalation & pbs training hubs

Open workshops

de-escalation & pbs training hubs


de-escalation & PBS training

Open workshops

accessible for small providers with small numbers of staff needing training


West Wales

10-12th April 2018

Bristol & South West

29th-31st Jan 2018

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the fantastic course last week. I genuinely mean it when I say it was the best course I have ever been on. In my line of work I am used to going on many courses and usually come away feeling like my time has been wasted and completely bored. Not this time. I would recommend your course to anyone.
— J.T. Behavioural Therapist

D8 training hubs


D.ESCAL8 in association with like minded partner organisations can bring you these fully operational de-escalation training hubs delivering accessible de-escalation training for carers and family members


Our Current Training Hubs include:


Free places

D.ESCAL8 are committed to assisting those caring for individuals in distress who may not have the resources to access top level training such as ours. Since the start of the company we have given free places to parents, family members, volunteers and staff in difficult circumstances. Therefore we have given away this % of places free on BILD Accredited Training Workshops in 2016.


D.ESCAL8TM (pronounced de-escalate) training is open to everyone, delivered across healthcare in any settings where carers assist those in distress. D.ESCAL8TM training will actively teach, support and promote the principles of a positive behaviour support. We provide participants with the confidence to approach incidents or ‘Challenges in a calmer way. It will increase your awareness, and ability to manage safely stressful or potentially physical encounters. The training will support you to build better relationships and increase your own resilience.

As a D.ESCAL8TM customer our courses are accredited to the latest British Institute of Learning Disabilities BILD Code of Practice (2014). Current customers are therefore eligible to have the BILD logo on their certificates.

I have to say that in our profession we are often given models of intervention to use and the theory behind them, but applying them in reality often fails. Your course helped me challenge my own belief system in understanding the psychological impact of ‘power’ in applying re-enforcement theory for children and young people with Learning disabilities. Your course provides a realistic interpretation of the work environment and how to remain calm and it certainly tests participants! Listening to your own experience and your realistic role plays certainly causes you to reflect on your own practice and how you will go forward to help carers in their roles. Thank you.
— K.Z. Supervising Social Worker

BILD Accredited Courses:

  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

  • 3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

  • In house Trainers Project



Not a current customer?

– Not a problem……

The course is open to all – If you would like a BILD logo on your D.ESCAL8 certificate and are not a current customer please mention this on the registration form and we will contact you to arrange this.

Of course if you are coming to experience the course (with a view to purchasing in the future) and are not interested in the logo you are more than welcome and will be eligible for a discount.

Really excellent course and Des is an exceptional Facilitator and Trainer. The three days were extremely challenging and thought provoking but also really enjoyable and clearly vital for anyone working with vulnerable individuals. Des puts the relationship first and his techniques help to question established approaches where the needs of those in the care of others is sometimes lost due to behaviour or environments that can be challenging. Highly recommend it to any employer providing care services to vulnerable individuals.
— A.P. Director
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open workshop training

Next Workshop in West Wales

10-12th April 2018

open workshop training

Next Workshop - Bristol & South West

29th-31st Jan 2018

The course was everything I expected and more. We have previously used a different company, however we decided to change providers because following the previous training, on the rare occasion a team member had needed to use the techniques, they had been unable to remember them. Following this course, all staff felt confident they would remember the procedures! This was mainly because they had actually practised all of the techniques during ‘as close to real life as possible’ role plays. I highly recommend this course!
— R.S. BCBA & Director