Further Viewing

Further Viewing

On courses commonly there are conversations about films that are worth watching to understand more about what we do and why.


Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, finds his life turned upside down when neighbouring gay artist, Simon, is hospitalised and his dog is entrusted to Melvin. In addition, Carol, the only waitress who will tolerate him, must leave work to care for her sick son, making it impossible for Melvin to eat breakfast.



A truly amazing film giving the viewer an insight into the world of autism. This film is a dramatisation of the life of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has a Ph.D. and is an expert in the field of animal husbandry. The film show the problems she faced growing up, going through education and her difficulties with human interactions. She is a professor at Colorado State University and is a well-known speaker on autism and animal handling.


Below is the real Temple Grandin talking in the same year the film was released.......


A new doctor finds himself with a ward full of catatonic patients. He is disturbed by them and the fact that they have been catatonic for decades with no hope of any cure. When he finds a possible chemical cure he gets permission to try it on one of them. When the first patient awakes, he is now an adult having gone into a catatonic state in his early teens. The film then delights in the new awareness of the patients and then on the reactions of their relatives to the changes in the newly awakened. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099077/


A true account of a family with an autistic child (Kyle) and how the introduction of a pet dog helps Kyle in his daily life.



A troubled young boy, Oskar, is trying to cope with the loss of his father. Oskar starts lashing out at his mother and the world. The film mentions him being assessed for Asperger's Syndrome, but I believe the book did not mention it.



We discuss this a lot on courses when people mention self injury. The skull is smooth on the outside, however, on the inside it is bumpy and the brain is moving in fluid. Helmets may give the onlooker the impression of safety however internally the person is probably experiencing traumatic brain injury.




All you need to know - Sheldon's regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways. The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading comic books. As they are self-professed nerds, all have little or no luck with popular women. When Penny, a pretty woman and an aspiring actress originally from Omaha, moves into the apartment across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon's, , Leonard has another aspiration in life, namely to get Penny to be his girlfriend.


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