Building Positive Relationships with those in distress



Building Positive Relationships with those in distress

I really enjoyed this course, for years I have always felt that there were more positive ways out there to deal with these behaviours. Des made the course interesting and I used some of the things I was taught on my next day at work and saw some big improvements over the next week.
— L.D. Support worker

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D.ESCAL8 (pronounced de-escalate) offer training workshops and consultancy primarily focused on helping carers enhance relationships with those they care for who may display distress - because physical intervention is damaging to any relationship!


D.ESCAL8™ BILD Accredited Courses:

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Adults

3 day Foundation Developing Positive Relationships with individuals in distress – Children and Young People

In house Trainers Project


It is very common for people to assume they know what we do because they say:

"I have been on a course like that!"

In some ways it is partly because of the association to the other accredited companies.

However, we do things differently and while that is easy for me to say, the testimonials highlight the differences. 

Reading the Testimonials from other course participants I thought Des had cherry picked the best for a positive opinion. Having been on the course I know that the Feedback is genuine and if you are in doubt go and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed !
— A.W. Teacher (Trainer for other BILD Accredited Co.)

Testimonials range from Parents, Teachers, Psychologists, Directors, Behaviour Analysts, Support Workers and many others.

Most of the comments have been made by people who have previous experience of other Accredited Training.


D.ESCAL8 also run parent & family carer workshops. These are bespoke workshops focused on the needs of the attendees rather than following a specific syllabus. These can be found on our open workshop training area here


Concerned about some staff attitude?

Considering ways to get staff to question their own beliefs?

Have any employees that need a philosophy reboot?


D8 Participants receive the following benefits:

Staff Confidence 

Research has demonstrated that after this type of training staff tend to approach incidents or people in distress in a calmer way as they will be more confident about managing the interaction. An increase in your confidence in dealing with distress is an aim of the course delivery.

Staff Safety

D.ESCAL8 training dramatically increases staff members awareness of and ability to manage safely any potentially physical encounter. We do not like the term physical intervention but it is part of learning to be so confident you don't need to be physical.

Staff Acceptance

Research has shown that after this type of training staff members are more comfortable and likely to use de-escalation for longer. Better relationships develop between staff and those they look after due to an increased understanding of behaviour. DESCAL8 aim to increase your awareness of why people do what they do and consolidate your previous knowledge.

Staff Resilience

Achieve a reduction in staff sickness absence and an improved tolerance to working with those in distress when we find it a challenging.

Hands on Practical Learning

During this course staff will receive kinaesthetic team building and practical, solution-focused problem solving skills.

Challenging Staff Perceptions

Staff will review and reflect on 

  • their previous practice and that of their team

  • the results their interactions can have on incidents with people in distress.

This awareness will help reduce incident intensity, frequency and duration.

Increase in staff member's Emotional Stability

Staff will know how to better support each other, build team resilience and feel better able to seek further help and guidance.

Training was amazing! The most person centred training I have ever attended.
Learnt a lot. The course gave me a confidence to work with clients in distress, to look for simple but effective solutions to support individual.
It has changed both my work and personal life in such a positive way already. I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately.
Would recommend!
— M.N. Manager
The course was absolutely fantastic and I believe everyone in the care industry should receive this training as standard. I felt particularly empowered by the whole philosophy of de-escalate and its client centered approach. The course encourages you to challenge personal beliefs and societal presumptions which could be unhelpful when assisting an individual in distress. Instead it allows you to develop confidence in knowing how to act in a high arousal situation which you may find challenging, this confidence then in turn assists you
to respond in more helpful low aroused ways rather than resorting to touch and restraint which is likely to distress clients further.
Des is a fantastic trainer who delivers course content in an engaging way which meets all learning styles. His knowledge of the subject was above and beyond including psychology, law, case examples, research and much more! I particularly enjoyed the role plays which was an invaluable way of learning, I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say the pressure you’re put under compares to VERY realistic situations which was an invaluable learning experience!
— E.H. Psychologist


assisting carers with specific individuals


assisting carers with specific individuals

Consultancy & Individualised work

D.ESCAL8TM's British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) Accredited courses are able to cover a lot of common issues, however, we need to be aware that we are working with individuals and that when an individual displays a behavioural pattern falling outside of the realms of training D.ESCAL8TM can work directly with the carers, both family and staff, around that individual.

When situations become difficult for those caring for an individual, D.ESCAL8TM can create bespoke proactive strategies for staff working with people whose behaviour carers find a particular challenge. To enable us to get a full understanding of the needs of the individual a D.ESCAL8TM consultant will work with that individual and their carers in the usual environment. This allows the consultant to observe the behavioural cues as they occur, assess possible triggers for the behaviour and provide methods of de-escalation that could be employed. Working in the care setting allows rapport, understanding and trust to be built up, not only with the individual being cared for, but also the carers who care for them.


trainers project

do you have what it takes?

trainers project

do you have what it takes?

D.ESCAL8TM Trainer Project

D.ESCAL8TM run an in-house trainers project for qualifying larger organisations. A successful trainer would adhere to the BILD code of practice 2014 as they deliver the BILD Accreditation Scheme course content within your organisation.

As with any of these types of projects there is a bit more to it and unlike other schemes it would require a reasonable commitment to qualify.

This attention to detail has the benefit of only producing high quality facilitators who will be able to offer support and advice on-site with D.ESCAL8TM backup only a phone call away.

Alternatively if you would like to have key staff members on-site who are more highly trained in D.ESCAL8TM than normal staff but do not get qualified as trainers then we can offer this service too.

These individuals will be equipped to, consolidate learning, support at meetings and on the floor in care environments where staff groups face on-going challenges, however they will not be qualified to deliver the course.


The In house trainers project is a BILD Accredited Course

Some training organisations do not allow trainers to then go on to a new service and train for their new organisation. D.ESCAL8TM is different.

If you are a qualified trainer with D.ESCAL8TM then you should be able to ‘own’ your skills and expertise. Therefore, if you as a trainer leave your organisation you could, under the correct circumstances, be licensed to train for your new employer.

If an organisation considers employing a D.ESCAL8TM trainer then that license could be transferred if certain criteria are met by the trainer and the organisation. This path could be a huge benefit to the organisation in developing a qualified trainer at reduced cost. Please check with us prior to filling the position that a potential employee is eligible to represent your organisation

It really was one of the best training courses I have ever attended! Des was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and responsive to the group and business needs. The biggest part for me was the ethos that came across throughout the course- moving into the social model of care, it is vital that staff attitude is genuinely person centred and considers their own conceptions about behaviour. De-escal8 captured this brilliantly and has improved my understanding of my own emotion and behaviours so that I can truly support individuals who display signs of distress. It was extremely refreshing to have the psychological and physical impact of working with people packaged together. It made a huge impact on the way I understand the need for emotional and physical intervention. If you are looking for a thorough training needs analysis, delivery of a course that is bespoke, training that enriches service delivery, builds confidence in staff and moves towards the social model of care I would highly recommend this training.
— A.L. – Training and Development Advisor
Reading the Testimonials from other course participants I thought Des had cherry picked the best for a positive opinion. Having been on the course I know that the Feedback is genuine and if you are in doubt go and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed !

Having been an instructor for another Physical Intervention Method for many years. I approached the course open to suggestions and methods to improve the quality of care given to pupils and to provide a positive outcome for the individual. I attended the course with an open mind and hopeful to pick up one or two points to help staff and pupils alike. I have re-evaluated my whole approach to physical interventions and feel that all the staff I work with would benefit from attending the D.ESCAL8 course. The course would provide an up to date method to develop future relationships with pupils in our care and a less restrictive option if physical intervention is needed.
— A.W. Teacher (Trainer for other BILD Accredited Co.)
I was pleased that all of the staff members attending the course with me understood and appreciated the different approach offered by D.ESCAL8. The focus on positive relationships rather than on managing challenging behaviours complemented the core values of our organisation while ensuring skills and knowledge were appropriately delivered to all.
— R.C. – Service Director