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Adapting to our new normal through online workshops

As the world is adapting to the new normal we have developed a modular online highly interactive workshop to assist us all in this new normal. Given that we can suddenly have certain groups of staff isolating for a period of time we now have the ability to put them on engaging training. So how did this online workshop come into being?

This course was invaluable and just what we needed to raise morale and self-esteem at such a difficult, critical time in 2020.

The course was deemed ‘enlightening, thought provoking and a tonic’ and reinforced a team building approach. Staff felt it was an ‘eye opener’ to witness how other staff were feeling when they were feeding back anonymously about their feelings, emotions and experiences and felt that they were not alone.

Staff took time to focus on their positive and supportive reactions to pupils and staff who were in distress or needed support and assistance and will apply these strategies to themselves. A very positive camaraderie and renewed team building approach has resulted from this course.

We have worked with Des on other sessions and projects and he never fails to enthuse, engage, challenge and support staff. Thanks so much, an excellent experience again.

Head Teacher

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Positive Behaviour Support & physical interventions should be compatible

Commonly staff will say that the Physical Intervention training they had previously received was not compatible with their PBS training. Here at D.ESCAL8™ we pride ourselves on the fact that our course feedback overwhelmingly says that we deliver physical intervention training that is the most compatible with the PBS training being delivered to staff.

D.ESCAL8™ deliver PBS training in its own right, and our Physical Intervention training and consultancy is fully grounded in PBS allowing a seamless experience for participants.

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you can take it anywhere

D.ESCAL8™ deliver courses and workshops based on improving all of our human relationships. It is about the building and maintaining of positive relationships, even with people who behave in a manner that causes you stress. It is not about maintaining an inappropriate hierarchy of supported and supporter; the supported individual is paramount. Testimonials and online workshop testimonials.

  • Research Based
    Relax in the knowledge this is our specialty
  • Physical & Emotional Safety
    D8 systems & processes provide a safe environment for both supporters and supported
  • Behavioural at the core
    Delivery and content complements behavioural science

Relationships can be stressful

using Psychological Safety to develop Psychological Flexibility

When supporting people in education, health settings and social care some individuals can display behaviours that can cause us concern.

D.ESCAL8™ teach you to assist and support individuals with their distress, & to develop and maintain positive relationships with those who may behave in a manner that supporters themselves find distressing.

On this link you can find a full list of our scope of work.

Testimonials and online workshop testimonials.

'Supporting Individuals in Distress'

Our signature Foundation course is called, "Supporting Individuals in Distress,' or SID for short.

This course is certified by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) under the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards.

Participants receive a solid grounding in theory, current legislation and guidance, Positive Behaviour Support and de-escalation.
Our disengagement (breakaway) techniques and 'fluid restraint system' are effective, non-confrontational, compatible with PBS and work to maintain positive relationships with those receiving support.

All of our physical skills are fully risk assessed to ensure that they are safe for use with adults, young people and children. D8 do not teach any techniques that cause pain or that use the floor.

Participants and commissioners of training evaluate the course and a full course report of performance is produced.

Support for all

When working with individuals who are causing some concern those who support them will go through a range of emotions. All our courses and workshops deliver content to assist supporters with this process.

Those supported - we teach supporters around the emotional needs of those they support.

Supporters & Staff - We emphasise the importance of staff support and teach how to implement better support systems.

Organisation Support - after initial training customers can choose various levels of ongoing support via our Service Level Agreement system. See Service Level Agreements.

The Building Positive Relationships With People In Distress was the best training I have ever been on! Over 3 days I felt like I absorbed so much information and actually retained it, something which is a lot harder to do in a regular one day of training.

Each day builds on the concepts Des talks about, whilst constantly revisiting and linking them all together. It was great to see how everything intertwined and it made the bigger picture a lot clearer. It also gave me a stronger understanding of what individuals in distress are experiencing, and how we as staff influence this. Des used situations in our own lives to bring this home and help us see things through their eyes even more. This theoretical background and understanding is vital when considering learning physical intervention, something with Des makes obvious and clear throughout his training.

I was not entirely sure what to expect when starting the course, and thought I would simply be learning how to get out of wrist grabs etc. However the depth of knowledge and experience that Des shared blew me away, and I can honestly say it was an absolute privilege to learn from him. He was patient, thorough, approachable and you could tell he had the utmost respect for the people we support. Des’ passion for the work we do and willingness to share this was inspiring and uplifting. I could not recommend this course more!


West Wales Open Workshop

DATE: 7-9 December 2020

Narberth Area

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  • Research Based
    Relax in the knowledge this is our specialty
  • Physical & Emotional Safety
    Provide a safe environment for your staff and those they support
  • Behavioural at the core
    Delivery and content matches behavioural science

Restraint Reduction Network

Our Foundation course, 'Supporting Individuals in Distress,' is Certified by the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards that are administered by BILD - they can be found here

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